Steven Davis Reveals New York Travel Secrets

New York for You.

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Hi. What do you do?

I am a recruiter for marketing, advertising, financial services and marketing positions and also a career coach for talented professionals.

What are some of the most amazing things about your city?

The quiet found within the noise generated by 8 million people and the infrastructure supporting them.

Arts, architecture, music and outdoor spaces.

Encounters with all types of residents and tourists.


Walking around town

Where would you go on a lonely Wednesday evening?

To a blues club

Where are the best places to go when the weather is horrible?!




What’s the most romantic restaurant in this city and WHY?

Bocca East 19th Street

You can melt into a booth with your date and enjoy great Italian food and charm

What are your best money saving tips?


What are your goals?


What or WHO would help you hit your goals?


Why Do People Need Your Business?

Job seekers see results by working with us to ensure that the best path for success is reached, saving time and producing quantifiable results through a job search road map which includes the resume, interviewing practice sessions and networking efforts.

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Blog about this page and Facebook share it for new people to find it! =)